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Looking back on the hindsight bias in insolvency law: a foresight in retrospect

Preceding the inaugural address of Reinout Vriesendorp as Professor of Insolvency Law at Leiden University: “***+it happens; then and now” a seminar took place on the underestimated effects of hindsight bias in insolvency cases on 23 June 2016.

Speakers for this event included Ruud Hermans (De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, Amsterdam), David Burdette (Nottingham Trent University), Daniel Weiss (Hengeler Mueller), Joeri Vananroye (KU Leuven/Quinz), Giorgio Corno (Studio Corno Avvocati)

The presentations and discussions touched upon hindsight bias from different perspective. This included how hindsight bias affects the proper judgement of people, as demonstrated in numerous social science experiments, approaches for mitigating the risks of hindsight bias, as well as , certain defences against actions by trustees. You can read a report on this meeting here.

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