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Final Report 'Assessing Legislation for Libya's Reconstruction'

The Van Vollenhoven Institute for Law, Governance and Development and Benghazi Centre for Law and Society Studies, Benghazi University have released their final report, in English and Arabic, on Assessing Legislation for Libya’s Reconstruction.

The report is the product of a research project they conducted on constitution and law making in post Gaddafi Libya. It is based on desk research of primary and secondary sources as well as consultations, interviews, and workshops. More important, it makes use of a number of case studies conducted by Libyan researchers on various legislative fields such as transitional justice, the judiciary and civil society. The project was mainly funded by the Netherlands Embassy in Tripoli. 

The research project on Libya’s legislation assessment is part of academic and research collaboration between Leiden and Benghazi Universities. The collaboration started in 2012 with a research project on Access to Justice and Institutional Development in Libya and continues  as the research partners are embarking on another project on Solving Real Property Conflicts in Libya.  

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