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Solving the Real Property Conflicts in Post-Gaddafi Libya, in the Context of Transitional Justice

What is the state of access to justice in real property grievances in today’s Libya, and how should it be improved?

2015 - 2017
Suliman Ibrahim
The Royal Netherlands Embassy in Tripoli

Centre for Law and Society Studies, University of Benghazi (CLSS)

The project focuses on the vast number of real property conflicts and disputes caused by radical socialist reform measures, and their misuse, during the Gaddafi era (1969-2011) resulting in expropriating tens of thousands of plots of land, houses, and commercial premises all over Libya. The massive numbers of grievances constitute a source of great dissatisfaction and high security risks, and need to be urgently and adequately addressed. 

These conflicts concerning property form part of the wider problem of transitional justice (TJ) in Libya, which is not limited to the Gaddafi-era. Since 2011 the international community has stressed the importance of TJ but so far with very limited results. 

The project studies and assesses existing and proposed mechanisms for solving real property related disputes, and makes recommendations on how such mechanisms can be developed and integrated into any future efforts towards providing transitional justice.

As part of the project a report and several papers were published:

Resolving real property disputes in post-Ghaddafi Libya, in the context of transitional justice by Suliman Ibrahim and Jan Michiel Otto

The report in Arabic

The papers (in Arabic)

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