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Corrie Bakels portrait unveiled

During the Dean’s lecture on April 21 a portrait of Corrie Bakels will be unveiled. This portrait is part of the initiative of Athena’s Angels project ‘Room for women!’

In the Senate Chamber the portrait gallery of famous professors normally shows 117 men and just a single woman who cast a dignified glance down at visitors. This imbalance does not reflect the university of today where 23% of professors is female.

This portrait of Corrie Bakels and other recently commissioned portraits of female emeritus professors are an attempt to straighten this imbalance.

Corrie Bakels  says the portrait took quite some work and she is very pleased with the result.  She remembers a time where no more than 20 female professor were present at the university.

The excavator in the painting is there to signify the start of her archaeological endeavours that without fail involved the labour of these machines.

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