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5 figures about the Open Day on 5 March

Thousands of curious students and parents are visiting the Open Day on 5 March. How do they get a good idea of the study programmes and the city?

5082 prospective students have already registered for the Open Day on Saturday 5 March. Together with more than 4100 parents or guardians, they will be coming to Leiden to find out about the bachelor’s programmes offered at Leiden University. Which programme will suit me best? How do the programmes differ from one another? Why should I come to Leiden University to study? The budding students will be hoping to find the answers to these and many more questions at the Open Day. 

Visiting the Open Day is the first step in the Leiden study system. This system helps prospective students to explore the many programmes offered in Leiden and then to look at their chosen programme in more detail. And if they do decide to study in Leiden, they will be able to complete the programme successfully and graduate in good time. To give them a taste of what’s to come, they are allowed to practise signing their name in the famous Sweat Room. 

During the Open Day, no fewer than 131 presentations will be given by the different departments. These presentations tell the prospective students what the study involves, how it differs from similar programmes at other universities, what kind of work you can find later and what skills and interests you need to have if you’re going to enjoy the programme. The presentations are always busy; because of the large numbers of people, 81 of the 131 presentations are already full so you can no longer register for these ones. But there are still plenty of places at other presentations if you want to register

You can also find information about all 40 programmes at the Information Fair. So, even if there's no room left at the presentation of your preferred programme, come along to the Information Fair and ask students and study advisers any questions you may have. 

How do the visitors find their way from location to location? There are guides to point them in the right direction. At different places in the city, starting at Leiden Central Station, we have guides standing ready to help them on their way. The guides know everything about the Open Day and about the city of Leiden. If you need directions, just ask them; they’ll be pleased to help. They’re also happy to share all kinds of tips about what Leiden is like as a student city. 

Anyone who is still in doubt about the right programme can take a study options test at the Information Fair during the Open Day. There are no fewer than 11 different types of tests to choose from. You get the results immediately so you can then discuss them with the study advisers and the career advisers. And then you can look at whether Leiden University offers a programme that matches your preferences. There are representatives from the different programmes at the Information Fair, ready to answer all kinds of questions and to help with all kinds of information about studying at Leiden University.



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