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Archaeology at Leiden University in Top 10 of QS World University Rankings 2016

The Faculty of Archaeology ranks as the best in continental Europe and is in the top ten of the world. The Faculty of Archaeology hosts a successful multi-disciplinary team of researchers active over the entire globe. Teaching and research at the Faculty crosses the boundaries of our three departments: World Archaeology, Archaeological Sciences and World Heritage and Society. Main topics that are addressed are: human origins, and the archaeology and deep history of migration, colonisation, colonial encounters, globalisation, and cultural identity.

About the rankings

QS published its ranking on 22 March 2016 and ranks the world’s top universities in individual subject areas, covering 42 subjects. This is the first year that Archaeology is one of the subjects covered in the ranking.

The rankings are aimed at prospective students seeking to identify the world’s leading schools in their chosen field of study.

Three datasets are used in order to rank universities’ performance in specific academic disciplines. These datasets are global surveys of academics and employers, and research citations data from Elseviers' Scopus. The three components, reflecting academic reputation, employer reputation and research impact, are combined to produce the results in each subject, with weightings adapted by discipline.

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