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Deltaplan for Dutch Mathematics presented

A week before Christmas, the Deltaplan for Dutch Mathematics was presented to Hans de Groene (director NWO) and Sjoerd Verduyn Lunel (chairman Platform Wiskunde Nederland). Prof. dr. Frank den Hollander was one of the leading researchers in mathematics taking part in the Commission Deltaplan Mathematics.

 Commission chairman Jacob Fokkema announced that the Deltaplan is a starting point for a solid impulse of Dutch Mathematics. It contains an integrated policy for research, education, teacher training and society and innovation. PWN and NWO are committed to realize the Deltaplan. In a later stage, the plan will be presented to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW).

Platform Wiskunde Nederland published its Vision document for Dutch Mathematics in 2014. The Deltaplan is a translation of the recommendations from the Vision document in concrete actions. It’s based on consults with rectors, deans, mathematicians, industrial partners and related parties. The result is a widely supported plan that is, just like the Vision document, written by policy makers of the Ministry of OCW and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, NWO, university presidents, deans and directors of mathematical institutes and mathematicians themselves.

PWN and NWO decided to collaborate and to for a Commission Implementation Deltaplan (CIΔ) under the supervision of prof. Frank van der Duijn Schouten. To stimulate the start of the realization of the Deltaplan, the chairman of the NWO division of Physical Sciences (NWO EW) prof. Arjen Doelman announced that NWO EW reserved around 2 million euro for the consolidation of mathematical clusters; one of the most important actions in the Deltaplan.
(Source: www.nwo.nl)

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