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Inaugural lecture Annemarie Meijer

On Monday 21 September Annemarie Meijer, Professor of Immunobiology, presented her inaugural lecture on immunobiology and infectious disease.

In her inaugural address Annemarie Meijer explained how tuberculosis bacteria and other intracellular pathogens use the macrophages of our innate immune system as Trojan horses to spread into tissues. As a model system Meijer uses the transparent embryos and larvae of the zebrafish, which are ideal for greatly detailed real-time microscopy imaging of the interplay between immune cells and bacteria. She argued that a better understanding of innate defence mechanisms is needed to inspire novel host-targeted strategies for treatment of infectious diseases that could provide solutions for the emerging problem of antibiotic resistances.

Annemarie Meijer

Annemarie Meijer (1964) studied biology in Leiden. She started her career in plant science. She obtained her PhD in Leiden in 1993 on the biosynthesis of medicinally important plant metabolites. As a postdoc she worked on the subject of transcription factors involved in development and environmental stress adaptation. In 2003 she switched to the animal field and became a staff member at the Institute of Biology of Leiden University, where she developed her research line in the area of immunobiology and infectious disease. Meijer also teaches cell biology and immunobiology and is coordinator of the MSc specialisation Animal Sciences and Health.


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