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Gratama Science Award for Jojanneke van der Toorn

Jojanneke van der Toorn has been proclaimed the young and promising researcher of 2015. At the official opening of the academic year on 31 August she was awarded the Gratama Science Award for emerging talent.

Pinnacle of my work

Jojanneke van der Toorn
Jojanneke van der Toorn

'This award not only represents the pinnacle of my work so far, it is also an encouragement for me to continue doing what I am passionate about: research that is both theoretical and practically relevant,’ said Van der Toorn in her acceptance speech. ‘In my opinion, this is precisely what science is about: that the knowledge generated can ultimately be put to use.’

Succesfull diversity police

Since 2012, Van der Toorn has held the position of assistant professor in social psychology, with a focus on the social psychology of diversity. She investigates topics such as the conditions for a successful diversity policy aimed at increasing the percentage of women in top positions within organisations. ‘Her research is original and influential,’ said Willem van der Does in his eulogy. Van der Toorn ‘excels in her research, as is apparent from her recent co-authorship of an article on prejudices and diversity that appeared in Science.’

Contribution to society

Van der Toorn intends to spend the 25,000 euro award on organising a public symposium on diversity and social change. She also wants to use this money to pay a study visit to her colleagues in the US. She will be collaborating with them on a follow-up study on diversity in the field of ethnicity and gender. ‘Since the award comes with a sum of money, I can really do something useful. It gives me the feeling that I can make a real contribution to society.’

(31 augustus - CR)

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