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Acta Politica

Acta Politica is the official journal of the Dutch Political Science Association.

Rens Vliegenthart
09 November 2015

This refereed journal publishes in all sub-areas of the discipline, including Dutch and comparative politics, international relations, political theory, public administration, and political communication.

Your book review in Acta Politica?

We have recently revised our policy on the areas in which we publish book reviews to streamline it to our role as the official journal of the Dutch Political Science Association (Nederlandse Kring voor de Wetenschap der Politiek). To this end, we are especially interested in books from all major political science sub-disciplines (international relations, comparative politics, political theory, public administration, political psychology and political communication) that

  • are written by Belgian/Dutch authors;
  • are written by authors employed at Belgian/Dutch research institutions;
  • cover Belgian/Dutch policies, polities and politics.

In doing so, we aim to highlight the research output that is done in and on the Low Countries in general or by researchers from Low Countries. We are committed to highlight research with an edge, bringing new insights and new approaches to political science.

We would be delighted to hear from you if you want to review a recent publication or set of recent publications that fit this profile. If you are an author whose book falls in one of the above mentioned categories and you would like your book to be considered for a review in Acta Politica, you may also contact us.

Please contact Femke Bakker or Tim Mickler if you would like to suggest a book to review.

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