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Dr. Elizabeth de Lange awarded as AAPS Fellow

The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) has been pleased to announce Dr. Elizabeth de Lange as a recipient of the 2013 AAPS Fellows Award at the 2013 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition in San Antonio.

AAPS Fellows are granted the honor each year for making sustained remarkable scholarly and research contributions to the pharmaceutical sciences. Dr. de Lange’s research focuses on the scientific basis for interspecies extrapolation and prediction of human (CNS) drug effects on the basis of preclinical data. To that end she develops translational pharmacokinetic (PK) – pharmacodynamic (PD) models. In her vision we will only be able to predict human CNS target site concentrations and effects if we perform strategic, systematic, and strictly quantitative CNS research. Dr. De Lange combines advanced preclinical experiments, to obtain multiple level data, with advanced mathematical modeling. Dr. de Lange is an internationally recognized expert on blood-brain barrier (BBB) transport and intra-brain distribution. Special emphasis is put on measuring unbound concentrations of drugs by microdialysis. Unbound drug concentrations are of high value as being the driver of membrane transport processes and target engagement.

The microdialysis technique has been instrumental in

  1. The development of a physiologically-based generic brain distribution model for the prediction of human target site concentrations, via successful predictions of human CSF concentrations, and
  2. The development of a mechanism-based PK-PD model for the successful prediction of human CNS drug effects.
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