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Private International Law

The Private International Law Department provides academic education and performs research in the field of private international law.

Private International Law, essential in a globalizing world

Each State has its own civil law and its own judiciary. In a world with approximately 195 States, this raises questions in international cases. Which of these laws is applicable to a given international legal relationship, such as an international sales agreement or an international marriage? Which court has jurisdiction to judge in a particular international dispute? What is the value of a court judgment abroad? These are questions of Private International Law (PIL).

Private International Law Department

Within the Leiden Faculty, the Private International Law Department teaches in bachelor- and in mastercourses as well as in the advanced master program 'International Civil and Commercial Law’. In 2016, a new bachelorcourse called ‘VIPR’ will start (Comparative and Private International Law). The research is part of the Faculty's research program ‘Coherent Private Law’.

The department consists of prof. dr. Sierd J. Schaafsma, dr. Laura M. van Bochove, dr. Ekaterina S. Pannebakker, dr. Lilian F.A. Steffens, David G.J. Althoff and ms. Inge M. Gonzalez.  

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