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Institute for the Interdisciplinary Study of the Law


The secretariat is part of the Institute for the Interdisciplinary Study of the Law, part of the Faculty of Law. The institute coordinator is in charge of the secretariat and the Academic Director Interdisciplinary Study of the Law is ultimately responsible for the secretariat. The secretariat supports the staff, the department chairs and the Academic Director (WD) in providing the education, research and impact of the institute. The secretariat gives substance to the implementation of strategic policy decisions and identifies development points for optimal management of the institute and its departments.

The Secretariat:

  • provides administrative support to the institute's teaching and research; 
  • provides proactive (substantive) support to the policy and decision-making – and implementation of the business operations (finance, personnel, ICT/digitization and housing) within the institute to the WD/department chair, with the focus on the process in the field of Personnel and Finance of the institute in coordination with the various staff departments of the faculty/university;
  • general secretarial and administrative support to the staff, department chairs and WD of the institute;
  • is the first point of contact for students, internal staff and external parties. 

The secretariat is subdivided as follows:

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