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How Euclid will reveal the dark side of the Universe

ESA’s Euclid mission is to reveal the dark side of the Universe. But how? Professor of Observational cosmology Henk Hoekstra explains it in his interview with Space Team Europe and Horizon Magazine. He uses enlightening examples such as… a swimming pool! Listen to Henk Hoekstra to understand how Euclid can make the invisible visible.

Henk Hoekstra | Space Team Europe for Euclid

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Space Team Europe is an ESA space community engagement initiative to gather European space actors under the same umbrella sharing values of leadership, autonomy, and responsibility. The team wants to highlight the power of collaboration within the Space partners in Europe and to give credits to all the people working behind the scenes of the European successes. There is an ongoing digital campaign #SpaceTeamEurope started late 2022 and aiming to showcase key players of the space sector, linked to the main European milestones for space. You can find all productions with #SpaceTeamEurope on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Hoekstra also talked about Euclid with the EU Research & Innovation Magazine Horizon. The article says: 'At its core, Euclid addresses the fundamental question about why the expansion is accelerating, according to Hoekstra'. This question is still unanswered and hopefully Euclid will change that. 

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Image: Pixabay

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