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Coalitions during and after corona

Arco Timmermans, professor by special appointment Public Affairs, wrote an article about coalitions in times of corona for Verenigings Management Magazine van De Nederlandse Associate.

The corona crisis is expected to lead to a revaluation of public facilities and values in the Netherlands. Different themes will compete for attention. For associations, this means that thought must be given to joining forces to represent their interests. The only question is how you choose to work together successfully and with whom you can best form a coalition.

‘Every political agenda is both a target and a starting point for organisations with interests. The new political agenda - due to the corona crisis - is that for sure'

Timmermans and co-author Erik van Venice discuss ten points concerning the opportunities and risks for associations in coalitions. Among other things, the setting of the game, the distribution of the playing field and the risk of profile loss are mentioned as points relating to the players. Other points relate more to the issues and the agenda, such as the extent to which the coalition revolves around social interest, the 'politics of attention' and the definition of the problem.

Strategic thinking

It is all hands on deck for many associations during and also after the corona crisis. One needs to get things moving again, and for another it is important to reduce the pressure on capacity.

With major shifts in attention and priorities on the horizon, you need to know how to position yourself in the social environment in order to influence this. Strategic thinking about current and future partners in the representation of interests and opportunities and risks of cooperation is important for this. It is expected that public values and facilities will be more prominent on the political agenda in the coming period. This is something all associations have to take into account.

Read the full article here (in Dutch)

Prof. dr. Arco Timmermans' teaching for the Institute of Public Administration is about public policy in the Netherlands and the EU, interest representation and public affairs, for example in the mastertrack Public Affairs. His teaching and research work also is oriented to promoting the dialogue between research and practice, by guest lectures, master classes and commenting on news items.

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