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In the media: Rector Carel Stolker on the new academic year

How is Leiden University doing in these times of corona, and what kind of new academic year can we expect? Rector Carel Stolker was interviewed by Dutch broadcasting companies Omroep West, Sleutelstad FM and JortCall.

Omroep West

In September, students won't all be able to come to lectures at the same time, so the University is preparing for small-scale alternatives, Carel Stolker explains in an interview with Omroep West. Mentor groups of ten to fifteen first-year students will probably be able to meet, and broader opening hours for labs should make it possible to arrange a good spread of students and staff over the different study and work areas. The item about Leiden University starts from 4.45 (in Dutch). 

Sleutelstad FM

Nieuws071 presenter Gerry van Bakel discusses with Stolker the possible combination of online and on campus teaching in the new academic year. In this interview, too, attention focused on new first-year students and the importance of seeing they are properly received into the academic community. ‘On campus where we can, online because we can’.


Leiden history specialist Geerten Waling interviews Carel Stolker and Sander van Diepen (D66 Council Member in Leiden and alumnus) about online teaching and assessment in the online talk show JortCall. How smoothly is that likely to go, and what are the pitfalls? And what's it like for Stolker managing the University from a distance? The University's student newspaper Mare also reports on the interview in JortCall and includes some quotes in the article. 


Dutch public broadcaster NOS reports in an online article about the situation in which universities find themselves, and refers to the messsage from Vice-Rector Hester Bijl to students. ‘For each programme we will look at what parts of the teaching can be given on campus, such as practicals, small work groups and tutor training. Please be assured that switching between online and on campus teaching is not something we will do from one day to the next, but rather in stages.’ Read: ‘Dutch universities to give ''hybrid teaching'' after the summer.

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