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Arco Timmermans Discusses Social Lobby in Dutch Media

Together. If we look back on the corona crisis some time from now, that will have been the keyword in the political communication, says Arco Timmermans. Having allies is imperative, especially in these times.

Timmermans, Professor by special appointment Public Affairs at the Institute of Public Administration of Leiden University believes working as a team is imperative, and this also applies to the corona crisis. 'These days it's all hands on deck for a lot of companies. Which is why they tend to focus inwards, but should be looking outwards, because large shifts in attention and priorities are likely to occur. Apart from public health concerns, job loss is a real threat despite all the support measures. Food and migration will also feature more prominently on the agenda. And these issues will influence each other,' says Timmermans. In order to be able to address these big issues, it is important to once again join forces with other parties. 'Collaboration isn't something you do simply because it's fun, but to barter and create mass. Who has means, knowledge, the goodwill factor, how do you broaden your issues so they become actual socially relevant issues?

Social Relevance

Apart from collaboration, the voice of social relevance is also getting stronger, according to Timmermans. 'We've been noticing for some time that social relevance is being demanded from some companies and multinationals. There are companies who couldn't care less about social relevance, but luckily more and more companies are taking it into account.' Timmermans also states that it is important to find allies. 'In order to gain influence, it's important to work together. As well as being able to link your own interest to that of the greater good; what is the impact of your own interest on society?'

You can listen to the full segment (in Dutch) on BNR Radio and read the full article (in Dutch) on the website of Dutch social lobby association De Nederlandse Associatie

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