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Dimiter Toshkov about Moldovan asylum seekers on nos.nl

It has happened more and more frequently in recent weeks: large groups of Moldovans who come to the Netherlands hoping to get asylum here. This means that Moldovans are currently the largest group of asylum seekers in the Netherlands after Syrians. It is unclear what caused this sudden influx.

According to the Immigration and Naturalisation Service, Moldavians hardly have a chance of asylum, but they do come to the Netherlands. According to Dimiter Toshkov, associate professor at Leiden University and specialised in migration policy, that happens more often. Also with asylum seekers from other countries. "It is already important for them to be in the country at all. The applications are not always processed quickly and, in the meantime, they start looking for work and build a life for example."

Read the full article (in Dutch) on nos.nl

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