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‘Nothing is so special about human intelligence, that it cannot be replicated in a machine’

Is the possibility of computers making decisions for us in the future realistic? Holger Hoos, professor of Machine Learning, gives his opinion about the future of artificial intelligence in the television show ‘The future is fantastic’ on NPO3.

Machine-learning revolution

‘Artificial Intelligence is what is needed to make machines excel in tasks that require human intelligence. Programming rules alone is not enough. When they realized that in the past, they gave machines the ability to learn from past tasks, optimizing itself. Something I call the machine-learning revolution: the transition from programming what the machine does, to the machine, in part, programming itself. Then as it turns out, you can beat a human grandmaster.'

'So if we choose to let Artificial Intelligence in our lives, it will be able to do everything, or close to everything. Nothing is so special about human intelligence, that it could not be replicated in a machine.’

View the full episode of ‘The future is fantastic’.

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