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Antoaneta Dimitrova live on Dutch Radio on governmental crisis in Moldavia

Moldavia is going through a governmental crisis. Antoaneta Dimitrova was asked to clarify the events on the Dutch radio programme ‘Bureau Buitenland’. She commented on the current political relations but also issued a warning: ‘Panic is rising, there is a real danger of conflict in the country.’

Antoaneta Dimitrova is Professor Comparative Governance at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs at Leiden University in The Hague.

She is project leader of the Horizon2020 EU-STRAT (http;//eu-strat.eu/) project that evaluated the policy of the European Union when dealing with its easterly neighbours. She commented on the current political crisis in Moldavia.

 ‘The EU position is shifting,’ says Dimitrova, ‘as is that of Russia. Both support parties that are trying to take back the political power from the last government, which is in the hands of a rich oligarch. With the Constitutional Court at its side, the government run by the Democratic Party has refused to resign, despite the formation of a new winning coalition government. The governmental crisis is far from over.’

You can listen to the interview on the website of NPO Radio 1.

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