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Arco Timmermans discusses the arrival of International Alert in The Hague

International peacebuilding organisation International Alert has moved to The Hague. Professor by special appointment Public Affairs Arco Timmermans understands very well why the organisation has chosen this city. Dutch radio show ‘De Ochtendspits’ hosted by BNR news radio asked him to elaborate.

International Alert is a NGO committed to bringing people in conflict areas together in order to build lasting peace. On 6 November 2018, they launched their European headquarters in The Hague. “It would be a smart move for The Hague if the city were to establish itself more in Europe,” says Timmermans. “If more NGO’s that somehow have ties with Europe relocate to The Hague, and that has a lot to do with funding, it would have a very positive impact on the city.”

The Hague is also referred to as the international city of peace and justice. In preparation for Brexit, several other NGO’s have opted to relocate to The Hague.

Listen to the clip of ‘De Ochtendspits’ (in Dutch).


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