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The impact of an open society on your security

Our world is constantly changing. Developments in the field of technology, data and society determine how we tackle security. This demands a new vision on security.

Internationalization is blurring the borders between countries.  Digital developments make it possible to retrieve information from anywhere and to be in contact with everyone. This entails, in addition to economic and social opportunities, also threats. It is no longer just the role of the government to be alert and responsible, but also asks for an active participation from the citizens and the business community. At the same time, a discussion about the violation of our own privacy in the fight against terrorism is growing. In this episode, experts Liesbeth van der Heide and Krishna Taneja  try to find out what the impact of the open society is on our safety and security.

Securitas Studio Session 3 - The impact of the open society on your security

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