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René Kleijn about low-carbon energy

How will we generate energy without further contributing to global warming? Industrial ecologist René Kleijn tells about low-carbon energy in tv and radio show Focus, and in VPRO Magazine.

In the next four decades we need to create a low-carbon energy system in order to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees. For this we will need huge amounts of materials, including some critical ones. This raises questions like: how much of which material is needed to make this energy transition possible ? Is there enough copper in our geological resources to make this possible ? Can we substitute critical and scarce materials for more abundant ones ? Can recycling help?

These and other questions are addressed by René Kleijn in an interview for VPRO magazine and both a radio and TV version of the popular science programme Focus.

Images of the recording day at the Krammer wind farm in Zeeland
Images of the recording day; the Tesla is also featured in the TV programme
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