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Book publication Wim Willems ‘Hagenezen die er mochten wezen’

What, and especially who has formed the city The Hague? Wim Willems, professor Social History and director of the Modern Urban Studies (MUS) Institute, writes about it in his series of historical and autobiographic books about The Hague.

 A selection of people discussed in his book are Guusje Nederhorst, Louis Couperus and Caro van Eyk. With their talents and activities, they have contributed to the unique character of The Hague. ‘Hagenezen die er mochten wezen’  (translated to: Important people from the Hague) is a tribute to the diversity of the Netherlands, the city’s inhabitants and to those who have helped form the ‘soul’ of the Hague.

The book will be presented on the 3d of July at the Divercity Festival in Zuiderpark, the Hague.

9789080683792 (ISBN13) en 9080683795 (ISBN-10)


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