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Leiden Jewish Studies Association

Leiden Jewish Studies Association Thesis Prize

The Leiden Jewish Studies Association awarded the inaugural “Best Thesis in Jewish Studies” in December 2023.

Two winners shared this prize: Max Farasat and Louise van der Vlugt.

Farasat wrote a thesis entitled “Constructing Judaism: Reading Jewish Belonging in Religious Architecture” as part of his B.A. in Religious Studies. Van der Vlugt wrote a thesis entitled “‘Enhij omsingelde het en begon hette belegeren...’: Grieks militair vocabulaireen de sociaal- historische achtergrond van Lrx-iozua” as part of her B.A. in Greek and Latin Language and Culture.  Two other Leiden students, Joelle Kraaijeveld and William van Keulen, received “Honorable Mention” awards for their respective theses.

The Leiden Jewish Studies Association thanks the Prize committee: Professor Jürgen Zangenberg, Dr. Tom-Eric Krijger (Religious Studies) and Dr. Johannes Tromp (Governance and Global Affairs).

Announcements for the next installment of this thesis prize will be announced here on this website.

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