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Language Learning Resource Centre


This page contains resources for language teachers.


Some LLRC-presentations have been recorded and can be viewed on the Leiden University videoportal (https://video.leidenuniv.nl/home). All LLRC-video’s can be found through this link.

A folder with presentations/workshops held by and for the LLRC can be found here. This folder is password-protected (accessible for LLRC-members) and contains

  • Presentations of the conference/launch June 9th 2017
  • Presentations of the conference on “content in the language classroom” June 8th 2018
  • Practical workshops/presentations
  • Research presentations


For LLRC-affiliated staff and for students from Leiden University, funding is available to promote and enhance language learning at Leiden University as well as research on language learning.

See guidelines for students and guidelines for staff. Fill out the on-line form (for both types of funding).

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