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Central Asia Initiative


The Central Asia Initiative in Leiden was launched by the Leiden research area Asia Modernities and Traditions (AMT) in February 2015.

Golden Horde Project

The Golden Horde Project was initiated by Dr. Marie Favereau and Dr. Gabrielle van den Berg. The initiative is funded by Asian Modernities and Traditions (AMT) and Leiden Global Interactions (LGI) research profile areas.

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Eurasian Empires Project

The Eurasian Empires Project looks at the practices of dynastic rulership in Eurasian empires ca. 1300-1800. These loose structures showed remarkable resilience over time, providing a strong focus for the numerous groups under their rule.

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Buddhism and Social Justice

Buddhism has a reputation in the modern West as a tradition of peace and justice. It is this romantic prejudice that leads to consternation when confronted with vivid, inescapable scenes of Singhalese Buddhists making war on Tamils, the Burmese junta shooting down monks, or Thai families selling their daughters into sexual slavery. 

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