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Platform for Postcolonial Readings


The Platform for Postcolonial Readings organizes seminars for MA- and PhD-students and researchers in the field of postcolonial and globalisation studies in Belgium and the Netherlands. As an open network, discussion platform, and reading group, our meetings are open to all.

Why a Platform for Postcolonial Readings?

As teachers and researchers in the field of postcolonial studies, we feel that postgraduate students in the Low Countries miss the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the critical and theoretical debates on postcolonial and intercultural art and writing.


Those of us who are lucky may participate in an occasional PhD-seminar organized by their research school, or enjoy some good introductory courses at BA- or even MA-level. Many of us are not so lucky. What is more, there are very few opportunities to meet, on a regular basis, with other researchers in the fields of postcolonial studies and intercultural criticism. This lack of interaction is a serious obstacle to the development of sustained, high-quality Belgian/Dutch academic reflection on issues of interest to these fields of study.

For that reason we launched the Platform for Postcolonial Readings with the aim of bringing together researchers in Belgium and the Netherlands committed to issues of postcoloniality and globalization. We meet twice a year in order to exchange insights and experiences, deepen our academic practice, and relate to the national and international academic debates on our fascinating and cherished fields of inquiry.

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