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About LENS

LENS is engaged in the drawing up a cartography of the mediascape, past and present, researching the dispositifs and ecologies of image production and presentation, which stretch across diverse geo-political areas as well as institutional, discursive and technological fields.

We welcome, therefore, researchers who are not only based in the disciplines of art history and film studies, but also study questions of media culture and media politics from the perspective of other cultural disciplines.

Arts, Media... 

The purpose of LENS is to foster, coordinate and support research in the interstitial area located between the visual media of analog and digital photography, film, and video, and the visual arts. LENS will operate in the space(s) between the museum and the cinema in order to help foster a public debate on the critical and historical function of lens-based media within modern and contemporary culture. 

...and Politics 

Our choice of a third term, ‘politics,’ to describe our center relates to the root meaning of the word; that is to say, how media partake in the shaping of a communal space of cultural exchange. We are concerned, therefore, with the various mediations of the cultural sphere, whether this gains expression in the form of a documentary photograph or film, art photography, video art, a film installation or a feature-length movie.

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