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Leiden University strives to accommodate young talent, which is why it does its best to create an inspiring environment for PhD candidates. With the University Training Programme for PhDs we offer doctoral students a degree programme that is both complete and challenging.

A PhD path is a combination of research and personal development. The University Training Programme for PhDs helps doctoral students further hone the skills and abilities they need. The programme is aimed at developing both personal skills and research skills. It also provides the option of taking career courses.


This programme is offered by the faculty graduate schools and HRM Training. Part of the programme is compulsory, while you can choose how to complete the remaining portion based on your individual needs.

At the FGGA Graduate School, the following courses for developing personal and research skills are compulsory:

  • Introductory meeting for new PhD candidates (5 hours).
  • Scientific Conduct for PhD's  (5 hours): this workshop is organized twice a year in The Hague and should be taken at the start of the PhD path; this workshop is tailor-made for FGGA PhD candidates and the Graduate School Office will inform about the next date.
  • How to write a Data Management Plan? (14 hours): This workshop is tailor-made for the FGGA-PhD candidates and will be organized by the Graduate School in The Hague every year. Information can be found on the website of Leiden University, however, you need to register with the Graduate School Office.

These courses add up to a total of 24 hours.

You are most welcome to add other workshops and courses, offered by HRM and the University Library, to your programme.

You are kindly asked to mention all your courses in the Training and Supervision Plan, which you draft together with your supervisor in the first three months after starting your PhD project.

Please note that the FGGA Graduate School officially started in 2016: the suggested training programme for PhDs is applicable for all PhD candidates who have started their projects as of January 2016. Candidates who started before 2016 are all welcome to attend the courses, but are not obliged to do so.

A specific part of the training programme for PhDs is related to the specialization field of the PhD candidate, organized by the institutes and centres of the FGGA and,  in case of Public Administration, by the national research school Netherlands Institute of Government (NIG). Here it is also recommended to attend courses up to a minimum of 140 hours.

PhD candidates decide with their supervisor which courses to attend and from which (national) institute.

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