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Exhibition Presenting with the City at Humanities

Tuesday 16 April 2024 - Monday 29 April 2024
Cleveringaplaats 1
2311 BD Leiden
Central hal

Leiden students make impact together and learn with the city

With a (touring) exhibition - Presenting with the City 'on tour' - the programme Learning with the City shows the social impact that students (from university, college and mbo) realised in the city last semester. Themes covered include: the 450th anniversary of Leidens Ontzet, children's outdoor play behaviour, social cohesion, needs of young informal carers, financial self-sufficiency and mental well-being among young people.

The exhibition Presenting with the City will also be displayed at the Faculty of Humanities. Between 16 and 29 April, everyone can see which projects have been carried out in the hall of Lipsius. On the various cubes, you can view the projects in the form of text, images and videos using a QR code.

Learning with the City
Loneliness, poverty, social safety, equal opportunities, (mental) vitality and sustainability. These are themes being worked on throughout the Netherlands. On the initiative of the municipality of Leiden, Hogeschool Leiden, University of Leiden and mboRijnland, students in the education and research programme Learning with the City are working on various social issues that are relevant in Leiden. On location in the neighbourhoods, in cooperation with organisations and in consultation with residents. In this way, students apply their knowledge to tackle urgent challenges and gain important practical experience. Students always do this as part of their studies, for instance as part of an internship, graduation project, minor or subject. Interdisciplinary and with each other, i.e. MBO, HBO and WO students together. Learning with the City also has a location in Leiden North, in Het Gebouw at Arubapad 2 in Leiden. From there, we organise education and research in several districts in the city.

Digital map Learning with the city
See an overview of all Learning with the City projects on the digital map (can also be done on the exhibition).

Presenting with the City was previously exhibited in the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences.
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