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Lecture and excursion

Offshore windfarms and fishes - APELAFICO NWO-NWA public closing event

Thursday 28 March 2024
Blijdorp Zoo
Blijdorplaan 8
3041JG Rotterdam

Windmills on the sea. Ideal, right? No noise or ugly landmarks to annoy us, so we build more and more windmills on the sea, but how does this affect animals under water? A team of researchers looked at the effect of the noise of windmills on the North Sea. Do you want to know how we did this, what type of noise there is under the sea and how fishes can hear? Come and join us on 28 March. 

The NWO-NWA funded project APELAFICO will present the latest results at a public event in Blijdorp Zoo. There will be three brief lectures for a general audience by Prof.dr. Hans Slabbekoorn, Prof. dr. Ionica Smeets, and Dr. Jeroen  Hubert.


  • 13.00h - Lunch buffet in the Haaienzaal
  • 14:00h - Three lectures at the auditorium
  • 15:30h - Acoustic tour with scientist guide through the Oceanium
  • Closing drinks with all APELAFICO scientists and associated stakeholders and colleagues

Join us and bring others!

We want to inform you, but also raise awareness for a wider audience and we hope you can bring one or more extra persons, that may not be as familiar with the topic as you are. You are free to enter Blijdorp at a time of your convenience, if you like to explore the zoo by yourself outside the program time slots.  Interested? Please fill in the registration form to join. 

Registration form

Programme for scholars and teachers

In the morning, there will be a similar programme in Dutch for scholars and teachers. Do forward this information to contacts of you that might be interested. Teachers of any school (main target 4/5/6 HAVO/VWO) can sign up with a proposed number of scholars by contacting Fien Demuynck.

Why sea animals would complain about windmills

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