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Memory ‘construction’ and the digital perpetuation of conflict in Mali

Tuesday 19 September 2023
Culture and Politics Event Series
Leiden University

The digital communication environment (social media and mobile (smart)phones) allows for “radical wars” where information flows can be seen as weapons that instigate conflict and violence. As part of this Culture and Politics specialisation event, Prof. de Bruijn (Leiden University) will discuss the idea of “digital participation in war” especially focusing on the role of (the construction of) memorizing, forgetting conflict and war that is no longer “controlled” by the nation but has become a public good. The distorted representation of history may become a weapon of war. The lecture will be based on Prof. de Bruijn’s long experience of research in Mali and the Sahel, which has become involved in multiple conflicts since 2012. An important topic also in light of recent developments in neighbouring Niger, so students are encouraged to come with questions for the Q&A session to follow the talk.

Culture and Politics Event Series

The Culture and Politics Event Series serves to expose students to further themes related to their specialisation as well as to possible future career opportunities for which their specialisation provides required knowledge and skills.

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