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LIBC MRI Methods Meeting

Thursday 15 December 2022
FSW building room 1A15 and via zoom

Functional MRI of the human subcortex: Challenges and opportunities


Interested in imaging the subcortex? On December the 15th at 15:00, Steven Miletić, who is working together with Birte Forstmann at the University of Amsterdam, will give us an insight into the challenges and opportunities involved with subcortical imaging.

The human subcortex is crucial for cognitive processes including decision making, reinforcement learning, and memory. Yet, research in human cognitive neuroscience often focuses on the cerebral cortex, at most combined with a few of the larger subcortical structures such as the striatum and thalamus. Many other subcortical structures remain understudied.

In this talk, Steven will argue that measurement problems form one major reason of why the human subcortex receives relatively little attention in cognitive neuroscience research. Using exemplifying empirical data obtained with 7T MRI, Steven will discuss how many factors combined limit signal quality arising from the subcortex: the location of the subcortex deep in the brain; its biochemical make-up; the small size of many subcortical structures; and physiological noise caused by respiration and heart rate. Steven will discuss the opportunities for optimizing signal quality with 7 Tesla fMRI by tackling each of these challenges.

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