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Festival | Kennis door de Wijken

Spectacular spectra

Monday 16 May 2022
Brasserie het Park
Van Diepeningenlaan 2
2352 KA Leiderdorp

What can light tell us about distant stars and planets?

Light is the main way we perceive the world. It is pure information that we can translate into what is happening around us. Astronomers have been using light to discover the secrets of the universe for centuries.

Light comes in different shapes and sizes. Light can be all colours of the rainbow, give a sense of warmth (infrared) or even cause skin cancer (ultraviolet). By studying light carefully, we can learn a lot about the thing that emits light. Even if that thing is light years away.

Learn how to decipher light yourself on 16 May! Come to Brasserie het Park in Leiderdorp between 1 and 5 pm and discover what a lightbulb has to do with modern astronomy.

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