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LIBC Colloquium

Thursday 3 March 2022
Pieter de la Courtgebouw, 1A11 & via Zoom

New angles in studying pro-environmental behaviors

A surprising range of psychology subdisciplines are engaging with the climate crisis. I study the motivations and social processes that predict pro-environmental behaviors such as diet, activism, and air travel. I will present several studies predicting pro-environmental behavior from individual and contextual factors. For example, many accounts suggest that individuals act more prosocially when being watched. However, these previous observability studies mostly relied on artificial manipulations (e.g., 'watching eyes' posters). We used a new laboratory procedure of repeated environmental dilemmas to test whether the presence of actual observers would affect costly prosocial behavior. I will also present current research about sources of bias in self-reported behavior, and share a resource of free, open psychological datasets.

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