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Evidence Gathering Strategies in the Investigation of Crimes against Indigenous Peoples

Wednesday 30 March 2022

Ensuring access to international criminal justice for Indigenous Peoples will mean that existing practices and processes should be flexible enough to be modified so that they are culturally appropriate and indigenous centred.  This panel will discuss some of the challenges around collecting evidence of violations against indigenous peoples which might amount to international crimes, the practices used by international criminal courts and tribunals in their investigations of international crimes (e.g., the principle of ‘do no harm’), and the advantages and limitations of those approaches in dealing with indigenous peoples. Panellists may cover issues such as:

  • The role of experts in linguistics, cultural practices, anthropology, and justice practices of indigenous communities and how that can be used to support investigations; 
  • Story-telling and indigenous oral history as evidence in international trials;
  • Admissibility of evidence collected in breach of the right of free, prior and informed consent.


Moderator: Ms. Carolyn Edgerton, Associate Member – Guernica 37

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