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Vitality and Ageing (MSc)

Parttime programme

Since 2021, the Master’s programme is available to follow parttime; a parttime degree programme involving 2-3 days per week, one of which is a set, mandatory day.

Isolde Spies

Kinesiologist, specialised in elderly movement programmes | Parttime V&A student

Isolde Spies

Interested and intrigued by the hallmarks of ageing is what initially attracted me to the Master's in Vitality and Ageing. Leiden University follows an interactive and physical approach between student and study subjects, and create snapshot experiences of ageing including weekly student collaboration.

I have personally followed a hands-on-approach in my career, therefore this Master's felt like a perfect fit. The possibility of following a parttime Master's has provided me with an opportunity to continue earning a living whilst improving my academic knowledge. The hybrid format and asynchronous lecture material makes it possible to easily follow from Canada, while still ensuring interaction and constructive collaboration with multi-professional fellow students. 

It is evident that this degree will enable me to make positive changes to my methodology and approach when working with older clients as a kinesiologist/exercise physiologist which allows me to support and serve my active elderly community better. In addition, the university regularly shares exciting opportunities in the field of Gerontology.

So far I have thoroughly enjoyed being a parttime Master's student in Vitality and Ageing here at Leiden University.

Jenny C Araque Cancar

Case manager in a General Practice | Parttime V&A student

Jenny C Araque Cancar

Hello there! I’m Jenny. I’m one of the parttime students of the Master's Vitality and Ageing in the LUMC. For me it is a great experience and I feel very happy to be a part of this high-education programme. It allows me to do everything on my own time and pace, and I can study while working as well!

Ilias Spiridon

BSc Psychology, currently working with children and adults with learning problems | Parttime V&A student

Ilias Spiridon

If I were to choose, I would definitely attend this Master’s course again! What I like most is the personalised approach of this course. The interaction with our tutors is professional but it involves a personal element. The parttime programme offers me the opportunity to work and study at the same time. Attending this Master's fully online does not feel that I am missing out on something, on the contrary it has been a very positive and rewarding experience!

Programme and subjects

The content of the parttime programme (2 years) is the same as the fulltime variant (1 year). A sophisticated filling in of the subjects means that all students (fulltime and parttime) follow the same education together. The table gives an impression of the timetable for the students in 2021/2023 and 2022/2024.

Curriculum parttime 2021-2023
Curriculum parttime 2022-2024

Sitting together or connected with each other

Recordings are available from all the lectures, so that students can easily study in their own time and at their own pace. There are meetings at the LUMC campus every Friday. In principle, these are mandatory for students living in The Netherlands. After all, talking to each other makes the learning much easier. Everything is provided in line with the applicable coronavirus measures, of course.

The skills training, working groups and mentoring sessions take place on Fridays. This day is also used for presentations on assignments.

We provide students living abroad the opportunity to follow this day remotely via hybrid meetings. The personal interaction missed out on is more than compensated by the international experiences and visions on the topics and issues discussed.

Part of the programme is followed together with the fulltime students. This could include excursions, symposia, meetings with the senior citizens of the Elderly Board, etc.

Hybrid meetings allow students living abroad to follow the Master’s in full

"I’m currently in Athens, however I have the chance to participate in almost everything fully online. I even took part in the pubquiz on the introduction day through Skype. And on Fridays, when I have classes, I’m only a click and a couple of seconds away from the next class." - Spiridon Ilias, parttime V&A student cohort 2021-2023

Why a parttime programme?

Everyone has their own reason for opting for the 2-year variant. Medical professionals can refresh or broaden their knowledge or start a career change. For example, more focus on older individuals, or in fact more focus on policy. The insight and the way of thinking can be applied immediately. Employers can encourage and advise employees to take up this Master’s in order to increase the professionalism of the employees and the organisation.

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