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Vitality and Ageing (MSc)

About the programme

Would you like to enhance the lives of older people? Increasing your knowledge of the biological, individual and societal aspects of vitality and ageing will form the ideal preparation for a key role in brightening the future of our ageing society!

Elise Verbeek

Master student Vitality and Ageing

Elise Verbeek

"The main reason I chose the master Vitality & Ageing was to broaden my horizon. Due to our ever-growing aging society, elderly are an extremely hot topic. However, there are still a lot of unanswered questions regarding the problems older individuals have to deal with."

"Furthermore, the master addresses different qualities, making it extremely diverse. By combining our knowledge on a biological, individual and societal level, it will hopefully bring us a step closer towards healthy ageing."

Silayan Bertomeu Aguiñot


Silayan Bertomeu Aguiñot

"My favourite aspect of the Vitality and Ageing master’s program is its wholesomeness. It has enabled me to discover my strengths, limitations, and true interests as a student and individual."

"Through its different courses in research and evidence, communication in science, and academic development, I have taken part in moral deliberations, interactive debates, visits to nursing homes and interviews with elderly people (and more), that have better helped me understand the career I want to pursue."

Bente de Koeijer


Bente de Koeijer

“I chose this master’s because it offers a holistic view on elderly people and their needs, with a positive approach."

"I enjoyed the module “the Older Individual” the most, because we got to put our knowledge and ideas into practice by thinking of an innovation to meet the needs of elderly people. After this master’ I hope to pursue a career in geriatric research.”

Master Vitality & Ageing - LUMC & Leiden University

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Programme Vitality & Ageing

The master’s Vitality and ageing is a one year programme characterised by 3 major value’s:


  • The master’s is designed for students from various health related Bachelor’s. Visit the entry requirements page to see the diverse admissible Bachelor’s backgrounds.
  • The courses are thematised in various perspectives regarding to the unprecedented growth of senior citizens (biological, individual and societal).
  • The master’s coordinators and teachers are collaborations between the faculties of Medicine, Social sciences, Governance and Global Affairs (The Hague).


  • English spoken master’s
  • International study contents and materials (lectures, research designs, papers etc.)
  • International students
  • Dutch students are motivated to study abroad


Older adults are part of the programme of Vitality and Ageing in numerous ways:

  • Participation as an advisory board: Older adults advise the master’s staff about the programme’s content.
  • Teaching and practising: Older adults are invited to give lectures and participate in the curriculum.
  • Co-Creation: Older adults collaborate with students on their innovation projects.

Interested? Read more about the structure of our programme.

Vitality and Ageing as a second master

Our programme is efficiently organised to combine two masters. Contact our study advisor Lucia Creveld for the possibilities of regular tuition fees in combination with a second master, and the possibilities of combining the master internships.

Tel:         +31 (0) 715268700

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