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Vitality and Ageing (MSc)

About the programme

Would you like to enhance the lives of older people? Increasing your knowledge of the biological, individual and societal aspects of vitality and ageing will form the ideal preparation for a key role in brightening the future of our ageing society!

Jodie Dekker

Student V&A and Medicine

Jodie Dekker

“We all know older individuals, but do you réally talk with them? About things like daily life, innovation and end of life?”

“After my Bachelor’s in Medicine, I had a long wait before I could start with my medical internship. To fill up this time usefully, I decided to look for a Master’s to complement my knowledge in the medical field. This is how I stumbled upon the Master Vitality & Ageing.

The programme helped me to better understand my future patients and ask for their wishes, needs and views on situations. It teaches me valuable and exceptional lessons which I take to heart to become a better doctor.”

Merel Vangeel


Merel Vangeel

“I realised that the current healthcare system is not adapted to the needs of the older patients, whereas the majority of all hospitalised patients are older adults."

"Therefore, I’m determined to innovate the healthcare system to suit the needs of an ageing population.” 

Ephrem Tesfay


Ephrem Tesfay

“I am from a country with no formal care system for elderly people, I want to change that."

"To study in the international environment of the Master’s Vitality and Ageing will equip me with knowledge, new perspectives and skills to make the translation in my home country.”

Master Vitality and Ageing - LUMC & Leiden University

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Programme Vitality and Ageing

The Master’s Vitality and Ageing is a one year programme characterised by three major values:


  • The Master’s is designed for students from various health related Bachelor’s. Visit the entry requirements page to see the diverse admissible Bachelor’s backgrounds.
  • The courses are thematised in various perspectives regarding to the unprecedented growth of senior citizens (biological, individual and societal).
  • The Master’s coordinators and teachers are collaborations between the faculties of Medicine, Social sciences, Governance and Global Affairs (The Hague).


Older adults are part of the programme of Vitality and Ageing in numerous ways:

  • Participation as an advisory board: Older adults advise the Master’s staff about the programme’s content.
  • Teaching and practising: Older adults are invited to give lectures and participate in the curriculum.
  • Co-Creation: Older adults collaborate with students on their innovation projects.


  • English spoken Master’s
  • International study contents and materials (lectures, research designs, papers etc.)
  • International students
  • Dutch students are motivated to study abroad

Interested? Read more about the structure of our programme.

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