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Vitality and Ageing (MSc)

Future challenges of today’s healthcare systems

A brand-new Master’s programme full of future potential, co-creation and health management. You will work closely with a small group of students on innovative care for our senior citizens: seek out the policy of the future with a multidisciplinary vision. Today’s senior citizens demand a different kind of health care, they deserve to be in charge. With your creativity and inventiveness, we are researching a new policy. With this Master’s programme, you draw on multiple disciplines to contribute to greater independence, health and happiness for senior citizens in our society. And you work together with senior citizens, they are the basis for a healthy future.

Master Vitality and Ageing

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The Master’s in Vitality and Ageing prepares you for an important role in improving the future of our care. After all, we already have occasional doubts about the quality of care and the quality of life of our elderly. Will there be enough financial resources to continue to deliver care at the level and in the manner to which we are now accustomed? The challenge of the ageing society calls for inventive care, intensive care networks and alert care professionals. Medical care increasingly offers more possibilities but growing old with vitality requires much more than healthcare alone. Autonomy, independence, an active social life and happiness are closely related. This requires a well-connected network of professionals and volunteers (for medical, care and social functions) that links up with neighbours, family, friends and/or informal carers.

Why a Master’s in Vitality and Ageing?

Unique, future-focused and interdisciplinary. In our programme, you learn with and from each other. The degree combines different perspectives on growing older in good health, public health and health management. Our students come from diverse backgrounds, together you address the challenges of the future and experience the value of this collective approach.

With and for all ages
The Master’s in Vitality and Ageing is a valuable supplement in terms of knowledge and insight for students and experienced professionals from the broad field of elderly care. The mix in age and experience creates the added value of a fresh perspective coupled with experience in the field. Senior citizens themselves are also involved in the education in a number of ways. They serve on the advisory board, participate in the education and work together with students on innovation projects.

International perspective
Our country is a front-runner when it comes to elderly care. Our Master’s is also a unique opportunity for international students to learn about the views, systems and challenges in the Netherlands. Naturally, we reflect on the care and care systems in other countries, are these similar or in fact very different? And that yields surprising questions, interesting perspectives and fine solutions. Because growing old with health and happiness does not depend on medical care alone. Attention, warmth and genuine contact can sometimes be more important.

The strength of intensive guidance and small groups
Our students appreciate the Master’s programme because of the personalised study methods and small, international setup. Students with bachelor’s degrees from different disciplines study, learn and work together in small groups with intensive guidance.

Why choose our Master’s programme in Vitality and Ageing?

  • Our Master’s programme thrives and grows through diversity; we are open to motivated students and professionals from all disciplines and schools of thought.
  • Our professional field is eldercare, so experience in or affinity with this target group is an advantage but not a requirement.
  • The multidisciplinary approach, the different way of thinking is also applicable to other professional fields. You gain more insight into/more of a view on individual and social aspects of ageing with vitality.
  • Join our Master’s programme for a closely-knit international and interdisciplinary environment, look beyond your own limits.
  • But most importantly: you must be ready to play an important role in improving care, the future and our society.

Why wouldn’t you choose the Master’s programme?

Learn in interactive working groups in an interdisciplinairy and internationally environment

Two big decisions

From home or on campus?
Our Master’s programme is offered in a hybrid manner. For fulltime students, this means two days of online education and two days on campus, in Leiden. In the parttime programme, all lectures and working groups are offered remotely, via hybrid lectures and online working groups. 

If the (coronavirus) situation requires, we will of course move the physical meetings online or modify locations in order to satisfy the regulations that apply in the Netherlands at that point.

In one or two years?
The subjects and study load can be spread over two years. This allows the possibility of following the programme parttime, alongside another course or a job. An important difference is that you do encounter more different students and perspectives in that case, which is a nice side effect.

Three options
The two big decisions result in three options, to keep it simple.

  1. 1 year fulltime for students and professionals living in The Netherlands
    (two days per week on location in Leiden)
  2. 2 year parttime for students and professionals living in The Netherlands
    (one day per week on location in Leiden)
  3. 2 year parttime international
    (online, with hybrid working group and lectures)
Follow inspiring co-creation sessions to develop your innovations.

Informative activities

We have set up a broad range of informative activities online for students considering starting the Master’s in Vitality and Ageing:

Keuzegids Hoger Onderwijs: Choice Guide Best Masters

Each year, the Keuzegids Masters (Choice Guide Masters) provides information about the quality of the Dutch Master’s Programmes.
The Masters Guide is produced by an independent editorial team, without sponsorship or subsidy from companies, institutions or the government. The results are  based on student’s opinions from the National Student Survey (NSE), which is completed by students each year.
Our programme received , for three consecutive years now, (one of) the highest ratings.

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