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Vitality and Ageing (MSc)

Discover the colourful careers of a greying society with the Master’s programme Vitality & Ageing. Become an expert on healthy ageing, co-creation, innovation and health management of an ageing population.

What Does this Master’s Programme entail?

There’s more to growing old gracefully than staying as healthy as you can for as long as you can. Maintaining your independence and continued participation in valuable social activities are equally as important.

When it comes to getting old, our internationally oriented master’s programme will equip you with the kind of knowledge and dedicated academic skills that will enable you to enhance the lives of our senior citizens. Your expertise in the area of ageing will be enriched in three main areas: biological, individual and societal. As no other, you will be primed to play a key role in improving the future of our ageing society.

Read more about our Vitality and Ageing master's programme.

Discover the unique Content of this Master’s

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Why Study Vitality and Ageing in Leiden?

  • The master’s Vitality and Ageing is a unique interdisciplinary programme combining various perspectives on ageing as the biology of healthy ageing, public health, and healthcare management
  • You will become an expert in health management of an ageing population. In addition to the knowledge on the ageing  perspectives you will receive extensive training in Academic Development, Communication in Science and Research and Evidence
  • The master’s is appreciated by its students for the personalised study methods and small interdisciplinary set up. Students with various Bachelor backgrounds study together in small groups with extensive guidance from top lectures. 
Learn in interactive workinggroups in an interdisciplinairy and internationally environment.

Will the Master Vitality and Ageing Suit You?

  • Do you have a background and experience in healthcare?
  • Do you want to both broaden and deepen your knowledge of the biological, individual and societal aspects of vitality and ageing?
  • Do you want to study in a highly international and interdisciplinary environment?
  • Do you want to play a key role in improving the future of our ageing society?

All or mostly yesses? Then the Master Vitality and Ageing in Leiden is exactly what you are looking for! Read more about the entry requirements.

Follow inspiring co-creation sessions to develop your innovations.

On Campus if we Can, Online Because we Can

Vitality and Ageing aims to meet on campus once a week for practical sessions, small tutorials and tutor meetings. Of course, only if the coronavirus situation permits it. For more information go to the Leiden University website.

We have arranged a broad scale of online information activities for students who are considering to study Vitality and Ageing:

Apply Now!

The deadline for applications is April 1st 2021. Start your application procedure here.

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