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Media Technology (MSc)

Career prospects

After graduation, you will be an autonomous scientist, prepared for a career involving creative and critical thinking. In particular, the programme prepares you for a future in scientific research.


Our alumni hold positions ranging from PhD researcher to creative entrepreneur. The creative industry in general is a common workplace for alumni. Graduates also end up in artistic professions or teaching in higher professional education (HBO) level. Any job in which creative and scientific thinking are combined is suitable. After completing the Media Technology Master you will have a broad array of career prospects. All students with a Master of Science in Media Technology are admissible to a PhD programme. If you have the desire to apply your knowledge of Media Technology outside the university, there are good job possibilities in creative industry.

Media Technology alumni are connected with staff and current students through our LinkedIn group and our Facebook. Statistics of our LinkedIn group show that our alumni, students and staff work mostly in the following industries and functions (July 2014):


  • 17.0 % Information Technology and Services
  • 15.0 % Research
  • 14.0 % Design
  • 10.0 % Internet
  • 8.0 % Computer Software
  • 8.0 % Online Media
  • 28.0 % Other


  • 25.0 % Arts and Design
  • 11.0 % Entrepreneurship
  • 8.0 % Education
  • 7.0 % Research
  • 6.0 % Engineering
  • 6.0 % Information Technology
  • 37.0 % Other

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