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Mathematics (MSc)

About the programme

The master’s programme offers two research-oriented specialisations where you can focus on Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory or Applied Mathematics. You can also combine Mathematics with education, management or science communication.

Programme overview Mathematics

The MSc Mathematics programme offers five specialisations:

Each specialisation may consist of master courses offered by Leiden University, courses offered by the Dutch master programme in mathematics ('Mastermath'), and courses offered by other institutions, for example the Technical University of Delft.

The research specialisation comprises a choice of advanced courses of a total of at least 120 EC. This includes a research project (at least 40 EC) in the second year, and a free choice of courses from any field (maximum 20 EC). The programme can to a great extent be tailor-made.

Find out more about the Research-oriented specialisations:

If you choose one the education, science communication or science based business specialisations, you need to follow specific modules (30-60 EC) and therefore have a reduced research programme which consists of compulsory mathematical components (54 EC) and electives (6-36 EC). The compulsory mathematical components in these specialisations comprise a research training project (30 EC) and four core courses to be selected from the core mathematics MSc courses (24 EC). 

Find out more about the programme outline of the specialisations:

Educational methods

  • Computer assignments
  • Lectures
  • Individual papers
  • Literature study
  • Presentations
  • Research project
  • Seminars
  • Self-study
  • Working group

Study guidance

The mathematics study advisor is available for questions and suggestions regarding your study programme. During your final research project you will receive personal guidance from a personal supervisor, who will monitor you very closely.

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