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French Literature and Culture (MA)

About the programme

Learn the newest insights from established scholars.

Full-time and Part-time

All Literary Studies specialisations are offered both in full-time and part-time. Please note that the part-time study mode does not offer any evening classes.

Annelies Schulte Nordholt

Researcher and University Lecturer

Annelies Schulte Nordholt

“The MA in French Literature and Culture at Leiden gives you great freedom to choose the direction of your studies. Focus your studies on the period of Medieval, Early Modern literature or modern and contemporary literature and more. You can even combine French literature courses with French linguistics courses. The programme is taught largely in French, and boasts one of the highest language levels in the Netherlands.”


"Detailed feedback from teachers on your written and oral work is the first step towards learning how to critique and evaluate ideas and theories. The next step is learning how to critically comment on, and correct, your own work and that of others."

Memory of World War II

"My personal research interest is primarily within three fields: French post-war literary texts and the memory of the Holocaust and World War II; the representation of urban space and city life in French modern and contemporary literary texts; and theories of literary creativity in modern French thought."

We also offer a combined programme of Literary Studies/French courses and Linguistics/French courses:

  • Two courses (20 EC): MA Literary Studies/French
  • Two courses (20 EC): MA Linguistics/French
  • MA thesis Literary Studies/French (20 EC)

This programme is particularly recommended if you plan to apply for the Educational Master afterwards.

In collaboration with the master’s programme in French Language and Linguistics, courses are offered on issues in French cultural and linguistic politics and on interdisciplinary issues such as plurilingualism, diglossia, “verlan” and creole languages, where the study of literature and linguistics comes together.

In order to broaden your horizon, you may choose one course among the many courses offered by other tracks of the master in Literary Studies or from the MA in Cultural Analysis: Literature and Theory.

Is French Literature and Culture the programme for you?

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