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Law and Society (MSc)

Student Life

Leiden and The Hague are both typical student cities and have everything you’ll need to turn your time as a student into the time of your life.

Leiden student city

Leiden University has contributed to the city’s unique atmosphere for over 400 years. The city’s historical centre is full of university buildings, student housing and study associations. With its many pubs, cafés, restaurants, theatres and museums, there’s always something to do. Leiden is a winning combination of being small and fun, yet big in character as a student city. Thanks to its compact layout, it’s never more than a short bike ride from where you are living to the University, and you’ll always see someone you know along the way.

The Hague provides many opportunities for the Law & Society students and researchers. Taking courses and carrying out research in the political and administrative heart of the Netherlands provides a wide range of opportunities for traineeships and job prospects, with a close connection to where the action is in the professional field. Campus The Hague is furthermore of great value since multiple global institutions are located in the Hague. This gives you the perfect opportunity to not only read and learn about institutions, but to actually witness how these institutions operate on a daily basis.

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