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International Relations and Diplomacy (MSc)

Programme structure

The International Relations and Diplomacy programme gives you a unique combination: a thorough academic education in international relations and political science with practice-based training in international negotiation and diplomacy.

Programme outline

First Year

  • European Integration
  • Diplomacy: Theory and Practice
  • International Negotiations
  • Quantitative Research methods
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Electives (Choose 1 out of 2): Globalization and Governance; Diplomacy: Communication, Tech and Misinformation
  • MIRD Internship

Second year

  • International Law
  • International Political Economy
  • Electives (Choose 1 out of 2): Public Choice; Non-Western Diplomacy: The Case of East Asia
  • Research Design
  • Conflict, Civil War and Mediation
  • Thesis Lab
  • Master Thesis
Year one
Year two

Check the e-prospectus for the official course listing.


In MSc. IRD, the internship opportunity allows students to become familiar with actual challenges for an international organization. It helps them to apply academic insights to individual work assignments and to understand the professional exigencies of functioning in an international institution or setting. By conducting an internship, students gain understanding of the actual operation of institutions in the field of international organization and diplomacy and often build valuable professional ties that support future job placements.

Master thesis

The master thesis is the final product of the MSc. IRD programme. The wide topics chosen within the programme reflects the scope and breath of international relations and diplomacy. The master thesis allows students to integrate their knowledge and methodological skills in their own independent research.

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