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ICT in the Public Sector (MSc)

In this master’s programme you will get a better understanding of ICT in the Public Sector and its impact on governance.

What does this master’s programme entail?

Challenges concerning the use of ICT in the public sector are huge. These challenges are related to efficiency and effectiveness, but can also strengthen the democratic functions. You will study issues relevant in the public domain such as politico-administrative relations, European procurement a data-driven policy development. You will learn how to benefit from your Computer Science knowledge by applying this knowledge on an administrative, managerial level.

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Why study ICT in the Public Sector at Leiden University?

  • The ICT in the Public Sector master's specialisation is unique in the Netherlands and has a strong international focus. Besides students and lecturers coming from all over the world, there are several possibilities for studying abroad. Cross-cultural team work is required in a lot of courses.
  • The groups are small (40 students) and the lectures are often interactive.
  • You will benefit from the department’s strong links to industry. There are good in-company research thesis internships, often followed by excellent career opportunities.

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ICT in the Public Sector: the right master’s programme for you?

Are you interested in understanding the many functions and roles IT have and how they should be governed? Do you have a bachelor’s degree in computer science (or equivalent) and would you like to apply that knowledge in a governmental environment? Then ICT in the Public Sector is the right choice for you. Besides understanding issues relevant in the public domain, this master’s programme covers the interface between IT and management in the Public Sector. In several courses, we cooperate with our faculty of Governance and Global affairs in The Hague.  

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