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Colonial and Global History (research) (MA)

Meet our staff

Prof.dr. M.E. de Bruijn

Mirjam de Bruijn is an anthropologist whose work has a clearly interdisciplinary character with a preference for contemporary history and cultural studies. The research Mirjam develops in interdisciplinary research programmes evolves around different themes and focuses on African situations. View her full profile here.

Prof.dr. J.J.L. Gommans

Jos Gommans is a historian with expertise on the early modern history of South Asia in its global interactions with the outside world of Central Asia, Southeast Asia and the European colonial empires. View his full profile here

Prof.dr. M. van Groesen

Michiel van Groesen is a professor Maritime History at Leiden University. His interest in maritime history is embedded in the culture of the early modern Dutch Republic and the Atlantic world. View his full profile here

Dr. A.F. Schrikker

Alicia Schrikker is interested in society-state interaction in colonial contexts in Asia in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. She supervises BA, MA and Phd research in the fields of socio-legal history, history of disasters and colonial mentality. Her regions of expertise are Sri Lanka, Indonesia and to some extent, South Africa and India. View her full profile here

Dr. C.M. Stolte

Carolien Stolte is Assistant Professor and Director of Education. Her research focuses on the international history of South Asia. View her full profile here

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