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Governance of radicalism, extremism and terrorism (MSc)

Why Leiden University?

In an increasingly complex and security-challenged society, the CSM programme, Governance of radicalism, extremism and terrorism, provides you with the theoretical and practical skills to understand the issues underlying security challenges and develop solutions for crisis and security management.

Reasons why you should study CSM in The Hague

  • Your lecturers come from a wide variety of academic and professional backgrounds in addition to coming from the Institute of Security and Global Affairs;
  • Many are associated with think tanks, research institutes and NGOs;
  • The Hague is home to such organisations as NATO, Upeace, and the ICCT;
  • An ideal environment in which to study, intern, and research;
  • You study in the Wijnhaven Building just minutes from The Hague Central;
  • Employment opportunities in and around The Hague; 
  • The Hague is the Netherlands’ fastest-growing student city and it boasts international allure. 

Study at the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs

The faculty studies current topics such as climate change, terrorism,  and (economic) crises. With her interdisciplinary approach, the faculty connects with the surrounding national and international organisations. Located in The Hague, city of peace, safety and law, our students and researchers look at 21st century issues through a combined perspective of public administration, political science, law, sociology and economics.  This interdisciplinary approach gives the Faculty’s research and teaching its cross-border character. 

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