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Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology (MSc)

Career prospects

Completing your Master’s in Biology gives you an internationally recognised degree which you can follow up with a PhD track. With your acquainted skills, you’re a much requested professional in and outside research.

Students graduating in this master specialisation are well trained to start a research career in biological and medical sciences or lead projects in industrial or institutional research environments. With your knowledge and skills you are also in demand for positions outside the scientific field such as, the government, museum or biotech firms.


The research specialisations prepare you for a PhD programme and/or research positions at universities or research institutes, or for positions at governmental organisations and industry, such as consultancy agencies and bioscience-based companies. Some students start their own company.

Approximately half of our graduates choose a career in scientific research, many as a PhD student. Universities, research institutes, and medical centres are the major employers. Other alumni work at consultancy agencies or in the public domain as policy-makers, science communicators or teachers. Graduates also occupy management positions or have project responsibilities in a wide variety of commercial and non-commercial sectors, from bioscience-based companies to environmental management agencies. Some students even start their own company.

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