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Biodiversity and Sustainability (MSc)

About the programme

The Biodiversity and Sustainability consists of 120 European Credit Transfer System (EC) points and includes a theoretical part (30-60 EC) and and one or more research projects (60-90 EC).

Programme overview

The curriculum of the Biodiversity and Sustainability programme consists of:

  • Specialisation Orientation Course (3 EC)
  • Advanced Statistics (3 EC)
  • Genomic Architecture (6 EC)
  • Compulsory courses (18 EC)
  • Elective courses (0 – 30 EC)
  • Research project (60 – 90 EC)

Learn more about the study programme

Educational methods

  • Colloquium
  • Lectures
  • Individual papers
  • Lab work
  • Presentations
  • Research
  • Projects
  • Seminars
  • Work group

Study guidance

Leiden University offers, if necessary, accompaniment and consultancy on both substantive areas as personal development. Our experienced team of Biology study advisors is available to help you with problems such as study delay, planning, and exam arrangements.

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